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The Zebulon Theatre was opened on April 15, 1936 as a 650-seat theater by Ms. Ethel Blanton who named it after her husband Zebulon Blanton. In 1950 the Blanton Family sold the theater to The Dunn Family Theatre’s Inc. and was operated under that family business until 1973 when Mr. Larry Bearden purchased it and ran it successfully until he retired in 2000. ​The Community Foundation of South West Georgia purchased the theater on December 15, 2000 and it is now operated by the Regional Community Center, a non-profit organization. ​The Zebulon Theatre is still a single screen Adams-style building with a seating capacity of 350 — including the balcony. 

​The building has seen very little change since it was built in 1936 with the only changes occurring in the snack bar, the addition of a new marquee, a new popcorn machine, new Simplex XL projectors, and a new ticket office that was added in 1950. New seats and wall coverings were also added in 1990. In 2014 a fully digital projection system with a new screen and new sound system was added after extensive fundraising and community support.

The Zebulon Theatre is a jewel in Grady County that we are proud to still have, when so many of the old movie theaters have been torn down in the name of progress.
​Contributed in part by Shelton Singletary

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